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HEADLINE: Ravi Rampaul: I have unfinished business with West Indies cricket 2021-09-16 13:03:47 

AFTER a six-year hiatus Ravi Rampaul still has the passion and desire to represent West Indies just as he did when he made his senior debut way back in 2003, saying he has unfinished business to take care of.

Rampaul, who turns 37 in October, ended the 2021 Hero Caribbean Premier League T20 tournament as the leading wicket-taker with 19 wickets in his debut season for the Trinbago Knight Riders.

Last week, Rampaul was announced as a member of the West Indies team for the T20 World Cup which bowls off next month in United Arab Emirates and Oman.

On making his return to the West Indies team, Rampaul told Newsday, “It feels like having a second dream come true, but this time I knew how hard I needed to work to get back into the West Indies team just by putting in performances and hopefully getting selected…I was very happy that I actually got a chance to represent the West Indies. I really had unfinished business and hopefully, I can perform well in this T20 tournament.”

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powen001 2021-09-16 15:07:18 

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Funny enough...I always felt this way for Ravi...
felt like there was no closure.

happy for him.

Ravi does not fall into the category of RUNS TRUCK like so many before yall go listing naaaf who have gone quietly into the night...

I have time for Ravi...even if this is his last hurrah.

SCC1 2021-09-16 15:10:51 

He’s no Darren Powell big grin

Onionman0 2021-09-16 16:51:17 

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Big money...all these aged players......lining up to play ICC World Cup...being selected.......may have disastrous consequences....

Jumpstart 2021-09-16 17:48:19 

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cant be worse than the 2019 team with tubby nurse and RTM.....The boyscouts xi

Onionman0 2021-09-16 18:13:17 

In reply to Jumpstart

2019 World Cup was more about coach Reifer...than the players... remember the famous rant"we will bounce out opposition"...I think , this time Simmons head coach cum selector, will give Reifer , a run for, don't tell me about 2016, World Cup... Simmons presence as coach in 2016, was just by chance..... whether these players last the tournament..... Gayle, Russell,Bravo,Rampaul, L.Simmons..hiding them in the field would be hazardous for Captain...

Jabari18 2021-09-16 18:30:17 

In reply to powen001

Ravi was always good. If he could've kept the weight off he would have fulfilled his potential. I will always remember his wicket in the 2012 finals off dilshan and his dismissal of TenD on 94 when he was searching for his hundredth hundred.

powen001 2021-09-16 18:35:13 

In reply to Jabari18


we ragged him..I even named him Ravioli because he was a thorn in the Bajans side ha ha ha ha

but he has always earned my respect

Jumpstart 2021-09-16 19:23:19 

In reply to Onionman0

dude the WI could not win any matches with RTM and nurse taking up spaces in the xi. the team essentially went in with 9 players every match

Onionman0 2021-09-16 19:32:30 

In reply to Jumpstart

Waiting impatiently, for the team of Grand-dads to show cause talent in the T-20 World that as it may.....2019, World Cup stats of Gayle & Russell...

Casper 2021-09-27 13:24:46 

Well, it's good to know the Windies selectors do follow the comments and recommendations on CC.COM

cupid20d 2021-09-29 03:28:24 


CITYBOY 2021-09-29 10:27:44 

Mr Rampaul you made the cut...just stay quiet....
you got there because of the wickets gifted to you by the batsmen..
go back and check the wickets marked against your name..
how many did you really earn??
Slow bouncers,wide deliveries etc..batsmen gifting their wickets...
and you have every right to boast about it...but to suggest that you are now a kingpin is not good..
You are capable of bowling 1 good over...but after that its down the leg side,and slow lollipop..
its T 20 and batsmen eyes light up when they see lollipops..
hope you can carry that luck..or that luck stays with you..
yup you deserve to be on the plane...but just stay quiet and hope things go your way.

natty_forever 2021-09-29 16:54:50 

In reply to CITYBOY

You keep quiet!. lol

CITYBOY 2021-09-29 17:13:51 

In reply to natty_forever

Natty me nah mek even de reserves so me can mek noise...

TheTrail 2021-09-29 22:33:34 

I have unfinished business with West Indies cricket

Is that unfinished business in T20 cricket?

Or maybe some of that unfinished business is for firing his friend and favourite coach Otis.